2015, Week 19

This week has already been SUPER busy on the farm and it’s barely even started! We are harvesting produce almost daily.  Another big wave of planting includes okra, edamame, cucumbers, flowers, basil, parsley, and more.

Most of this Tuesday will be spent caging a few hundred tomato plants that have nearly tripled in size within the past week!

The first carrots are now ready! Find a beautiful bunch in this week’s box or at Renfrow’s on Wednesday or Saturday. Perfect timing too, as our radishes are gone until the fall!

Have you ever been to Moe’s Original BBQ in downtown Matthews? If not, you are missing out on some of the best food this town has to offer. They love using our collard greens for one of their staple side dishes and I’m currently harvesting over 100 pounds each week for them!

Gardening classes in the Family Food Garden series are offered again on May 19th & 20th.  Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for a Healthier Garden.