2015, Week 20

Seasons change, fields change. These crops grow and transform so quickly! One of my most favorite things about gardening is observing God’s miracle of life in action, from the beet to the tomato to the honeybee – all forms of life are absolutely amazing.


The first planting tomatoes are happily caged and growing fast. We have only a couple hundred more to cage this week – we will be swimming in tomatoes by late July!
My dad, David, loves to work at the farm on Mondays and Tuesdays when the hardware store is closed. He has the most enormous wealth of knowledge in his brain, as so many of you know, and I can only hope to soak in a small portion of his innate gardening sense this year!
One of our goals is to preserve farming heritage through growing a large variety of heirloom crops. Many of our friends and  customers share seeds with us that their families have been saving for generations. These seeds all have stories that go along with them – for instance, the black luffa gourd seeds I am holding were given to us by our dear friend Mario, an excellent gardener, who brought them from his home country of Vietnam when he came to America. Our desire is to grow these crops, many of which have been grown in Mecklenburg and Union Counties for over 100 years, and provide a renewed seed supply for the varieties that have all but disappeared.

Gardening classes in the Family Food Garden series are offered this week on Tuesday night, May 19th & Wednesday morning, May 20th.  Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for a Healthier Garden. Come out to the farm and enjoy learning with us!