2015, Week 21

Flower Frenzy: Several rows of annual and perennial flowers are bursting into bloom!
Bouquets will be available at Renfrow Farms Market which is reopening on Tuesdays, starting June 2nd for the summer and fall seasons.
10am-2pm @ 409 W Charles Street

It is beginning to feel like summertime is just around the corner! The first squash and zucchini will be available in my boxes this week – supply may be limited, so place your order early if you want some. If we get a long rain shower this week we will be loaded down with squash by the weekend. Sweet basil, dill, and many other herbs are growing fast in this heat. It’s almost time to make pesto!

Several rows of edamame, okra, and popcorn have jumped out of the ground only a few days after sowing the seeds. Our late planting of the most delicious sweet corn I’ve ever tasted, called Honey Select, should emerge any day now. Flower bouquets will be available at Renfrow’s by the weekend and available for pre-order starting next week.

I checked on our dozens of blueberry bushes while on a relaxing family vacation at Lake Norman this weekend and it’s looking like a bumper crop will be available by late July!

We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend.