2015, Week 22

Our farm stand, Renfrow Farms Market is reopening on Tuesdays, starting this week for the summer and fall seasons!
Tuesdays 10am-2pm @ 409 W Charles Street
Our first wave of summer flowers are blooming like crazy – zinnias, gomphrena, cosmos, snapdragons, yarrow, and various herbs are only a small selection of the variety we have. There are few things more enjoyable and relaxing to me than strolling around the farm harvesting bright & beautiful flowers on a warm evening after working in the fields all day.

Gaspar, Ruth, and I had a very busy week spreading mulch around many of our tomato and squash plants. This dark, rich mulch is made up of 2-year-old composted leaves that we receive from landscapers who dump these leaves on the farm in autumn, where they rest and decompose for several months before use.  We mix in lots of the oldest composted leaves when we till the ground, to provide a safe and reliable source of organic matter.  And in late spring, after the ground heats up, we use them as mulch to help trap moisture and -my favorite reason!- to keep out the weeds!

Who needs a gym when you get this kind of exercise on the job?! Ruth works tirelessly and thrives in the sun and heat more than any other person I know.