2015, Week 23

The fields are overflowing
After several much-needed rain showers last week, the vegetables and flowers are growing splendidly!


It’s that time of year where the squash and zucchini needs picking about twice a day. This tote will be completely full by tomorrow morning!
The first sunflower bloom started popping open this weekend and I will have plenty of these small lemon-colored sunflowers available all week. 

Virginia Harris, Ruth’s daughter and my cousin, just moved back to Matthews upon graduating from NCSU with a degree in business management last month. She works for Food Buy, a component of Compass Group. When she isn’t there, you may find her picking flowers at the farm or helping me restock our honey shelf at Renfrow’s.


June is the perfect month for planting cowpeas, which are field peas that are very resistant to drought, heat, and other southern summertime characteristics.
There are dozens of varieties, including the most well-known black-eyed, purple hull, and lady peas.
Renfrow Farms grows, sells, and saves seeds of a few varieties that have been grown in Matthews for at least 100 years.  Enjoy eating some of ours later this summer or try growing a row of your own (seed available at Renfrow’s!).


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