2015, Week 24

Tomato season is drawing near!!
Our vines are loaded down with the tastiest varieties of tomatoes we know – Better Boy, Cherokee Purple, Sungold, Juliet, Terrific, German Pink, Lemon Boy, and many, many more..get ready, the bounty is only a few weeks away.


We are excited to again be offering the most delicious basil pesto we have ever eaten! Ellen Stevens of Stevens Harvest Marketin Weddington uses Renfrow Farms basil in her delectable pesto. It comes in a freezer pack of 8 individual 1-ounce serving cubes. If you enjoy garlicky pesto, you are sure love this! $14 per bag, and if you want yours reserved at Renfrow’s for pick-up anytime this week, please just let me know!

Ellen and Pressly with 8 pounds of basil on Monday morning

Additional produce, pesto, flowers will also be available as individual items in a farm-stand style setup inside the hardware store on Wednesday and Saturday. (Ask for pesto at the counter – it is stored in our freezer.)

Please let me know what day you want your box and what preferences you have on the greens and herbs that you will receive. Please respond by 2pm on Tuesday for Wednesday pick-up and by 2pm Thursday for Saturday pick-up. 
Thank you so much!

I have had lots of questions about the squash that is half yellow and half green. It’s a variety called Zephyr that’s supposed to look this way! This is the first year any of us at Renfrow’s have grown it and we have been impressed with its incredibly high yields, flawless flesh, eye-catching ability, and great taste. Needless to say, it’s here to stay.
A fun little event happened last Tuesday – the Plein Air Buds painting group came to the farm during our market and set up easels all over the place and had a blast painting our ever-changing landscapes! It was such a success that we are excited to invite other painting groups to come on Tuesdays between 10am and 2pm. Please help us spread the word! Interested folks may email Pressly at renfrowfarm@gmail.com for more information and to reserve a date.

Gardening classes are being hosted on the farm again this week! See the “For all the Gardeners” sidebar for details.

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