2015, Week 29

Sunrises and Sunsets
With this seemingly never-ending stream of days in the upper 90s, lots of farm workdays begin with the sunrise and end with the sunset, with a few hours of work indoors in the afternoon to break up these long summer day.


Last week’s farm stand overflowed with tomatoes and flowers. Many of the other vegetables are nowhere near their peak in production yet, but we keep missing the rain that will solve that problem. However, the garden truly is looking great without us having any means of irrigation.
Additional produce, herbs, pesto, & flowers will also be available as individual items in a farm-stand style setup inside the hardware store Wednesday through Saturday – that’s right, every day that Renfrow’s is open! We will be harvesting and bringing in fresh produce and flowers daily during this bountiful season so that you may enjoy them as often as possible. Many thanks to all of you who enjoy our produce so often. Please help us to spread the word about our fledgling farm- referrals are the greatest compliment!
The black-eyed susans are thriving in this dry heat and will be an especially cheery component of this week’s bouquets.
We have two more gardening classes this week – Tuesday night, 6:30-8:30 and Wednesday, 10am-12pm. Join us in learning from instructor Jeff Rieves – Go Forth and Multiply: Plant Propagation.