2015, Week 33

Our Farmin’ Family! 
We had an amazing photographer out at the farm last week to capture this season’s fleeting beauty. Emily got so many awesome shots of the produce, flowers, market stand, chickens, customers, and my family!
Here I am with my parents, David and Mary Beth Blackley, and my husband Matthew.
(Photo cred – EA Decker Photography)


My flowers are sadly slowing down in production after a long summer of cranking out hundreds of blooms. They have been the most drought-resistant, but are growing old and getting tired. I was still able to pick a truck full of gorgeous blooms for a wedding, a florist, several parties, and Saturday bouquets this past weekend. I hope that my beloved zinnias will hold on for several more weeks, as it will be so hard to say goodbye. Next year I should have ample flowers all the way until frost, but it’s not looking like I’ll make it to late October in quantity this year 🙁 Oh well, it’s like they say – you live ‘n learn. And boy, I’m learning a whole lot about tenacity and endurance this season.
Here’s a sequel shot of the previously cracked and dry ditch between the two nice rains we received last Tuesday. Just under 1″ total that day – I’m thinking we’re at about 3″ rainfall since mid-June…no wonder these plants are suffering so much! Hopefully the next 24 hours will bring plenty of rain to germinate the radish, arugula, collard, kale, and sugar snap pea seeds I just planted!
Gardening classes this week – Tuesday, August 18th, 6:30-8:30pm and Wednesday, August 19th, 10am-noon.
Good Soil: A Gardener’s Guide to Soil Testing (Details in link)
Growing healthy food begins with building a healthy soil. Building soil starts with the soil test, and it’s a test that you can’t fail unless you don’t take it! Come join horticulturalist Jeff Rieves as he teaches the basics of growing healthy food from the ground up.