2015, Week 34

Seeds: The past couple of weeks have involved lots of seeds – getting Renfrow Hardware’s seed racks full of freshly bagged fall crops; planting my own arugula, beet, carrot, collard, kale, and radish seeds before the rains came; and tending to baby perennial flower seedlings that I will be transplanting into the garden throughout the coming weeks.
The okra has absolutely loved the four inches of rain we received, and finally needs harvesting daily. This is the first week where we’ve had enough quantity to offer it in boxes!
This huge patch is full of various winter squashes: butternut, spaghetti, acorn, and more. Horse collar pumpkins and other cooking pumpkins are also in the mix. These will all be available this fall.
This is one of the cute and yummy cooking pumpkins. It has awhile to grow yet.
We had a wonderful time this past Wednesday hosting an on-farm workshop of nearly 100 school teachers eager to learn about a variety of topics related to school gardens. The event was organized and led by the Green Teacher Network, and we taught the teachers about successful fall gardening and how they can integrate garden learning into the classroom through reading, math, science, and even geography lessons.
Family Food Garden Series Gardening Class – Wednesday, August 26th, 10am-noon(Rescheduled from last week)
Good Soil: A Gardener’s Guide to Soil Testing (Details in link)
Growing healthy food begins with building a healthy soil. Building soil starts with the soil test, and it’s a test that you can’t fail unless you don’t take it! Come join horticulturalist Jeff Rieves as he teaches the basics of growing healthy food from the ground up.