2015, Week 38

We still have maters!
Our mid-July planting of tomatoes is healthy and the tomatoes are enormous – we think they will start ripening after we get some rain this week. Our mid-June planting is still producing, but we sell out fast – come see us at 10am tomorrow!
Some of our okra is nearly 10 feet tall now. And this week we have a ton of it – it took me over an hour to pick it all. But it was such a pleasant cloudy morning to do so.
Seed garlic arrived at Renfrow’s last week. If planted between now and Christmas, a delicious harvest will await you in early summer 2016. We will be planting garlic and bulbing onions on the farm sometime in the next 2 weeks, whenever we get a chance to till up a few rows for them!
Our flowers are still looking gorgeous. I think several will keep on blooming until frost! I will be so sad to see them go, but am already excited about next year’s blooms. I have several tiny perennial and biennial plants in rows scattered throughout the fields already, and can’t wait to see their growth and blooms in the spring!