2015, Week 39

Broccoli Season Has Begun!
Broccoli is one of our favorite crops to grow. Many of our fall crops, including broccoli, collards, and kale will really take off after the amazing rain we have had over the past several days! Ruth is a hardworking harvester in all types of weather.


Our eggplant is still producing like crazy and is one of my favorite foods right now – so delicious!!
Matt and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary yesterday. We got married on the farm and I had a blast looking back through the photos. We enjoyed seeing how much has changed on the property in just one year, and noticing which crops were ready earlier last year than this, and vice versa. And those changes don’t even compare to the amazing ways that the has Lord changed our lives through this gift of marriage.
Baffled by the pomegranates we have available at the farm this week?
Click here for a few ideas of how to enjoy them.
Want to grow your own pest-free, disease-free, stress-free tree? Renfrow Hardware is getting in its new shipment of fruit trees and bushes in early October, pomegranates included. Fruitful gardening can’t get much easier than this!
Have a great week and we hope to see you at the market!