2015, Week 26

‘Mater time is just beginning
With the drop in temperatures and a little bit more rain, our few hundred tomato plants will really start cranking them out. Boxes this week will include a rainbow of these delicious tomatoes!


Having a cookout for Independence Day? Use our farm fresh flowers as table decor! $6 bouquets fit pint-sized mason jars or vases, $12 bouquets are for quart-sized mason jars or vases, or pre-order a $40 big bucket of mixed blooms and foliage for your own artistic arranging. Available Wednesday-Friday at Renfrow’s and at the farm on Tuedsay.
And we are excited to again be offering the most delicious basil pesto we have ever eaten! Ellen Stevens of Stevens Harvest Marketin Weddington uses Renfrow Farms’ basil in this pesto. It comes in a freezer bag of 8 individual 1-ounce serving cubes. $14 per bag.

Additional produce, herbs, pesto, & flowers will also be available as individual items in a farm-stand style setup inside the hardware store on Wednesday and Friday.

Please let me know what day you want your box and what preferences you have on the peppers and herbs that you will receive. Thank you so much!

The rows of peas and  beans in the front half of our new large field are all up and growing fast! This back half of the field was planted late last week with more beneficial, soil-building crops. These rows should be up and growing by the end of this week. We sowed daikon radishes in-between all of these rows – also known as “tillage radishes” the long daikon root is great at busting up soil that is tough and hard-packed, like for this field that was a patch of trees just 18 months ago.
One of the pesky critters that has come out in large numbers in the past few weeks are these harlequin bugs, a type of stink bug that sucks on the leaves of  brassica crops like collards and kale. Our collard patch served us so well this spring – planted in mid-January, surviving the bitter February temperatures as well as the scorching heat from June, while allowing 120+ lbs of harvest weekly for Moe’s BBQ in Matthews since April and plenty for our produce boxes. Now it’s time to say goodbye (to both collards and stink bugs!) and till most of them under and make way for the next round of crops. The first of our fall-season collard greens will be planted in late July – wow that’s just around the corner! Time rarely seems to slow down on the farm!
Have a great week and happy Independence Day!