2016, Week 21

Hello farm friends!

This week’s produce boxes will have choice of two bunches greens (kale, swiss chard, collards), beets, choice of 1 bunch of green onions or 1 herb(parsley, chives, garlic chives, spearmint, or chocolate mint), squash/zucchini, and 1/2 lb of broccoli. $20, paid upon pick-up. $8 and $12 mixed bouquets also available as an add-on.  Herb add-ons are $2 each.
And our farm’s pure, raw honey is available daily at the hardware store.

To reserve your box this week, please follow these simple steps

  1. respond to this email with your desired pick-up date & customizations/add-ons (Wednesday 5/25 or Saturday 5/28)  **for Wednesday, please respond by 5pm on Tuesday; for Saturday, please respond by 5pm on Thursday
  2. check for confirmation email from Pressly
  3. pick up your box at Renfrow Hardware during business hours (Wednesday 8am-5pm; Saturday 8am-2pm)
  4. payment accepted upon pick-up: $20 (cash, check, or credit card)
  5. EAT & ENJOY your fresh, organically grown veggies!!

Additionally, I’ll have individual bunches of kalecollards, swiss chard, turnips, beets, green onions, squash, zucchini, broccoli, & flowers available at Renfrow Hardware Wednesday through Saturday this week. Our produce will be set up inside the store near the cash registers and honey shelf every day for the rest of the year!

Here’s a sample of what this week’s array of produce shall look like if you happen to order kale, collards, and parsley as your customizations.


The season of daily squash and zucchini harvest is suddenly upon us. We definitely received more rain last week than is desirable in such a short timespan, but with this week’s hot and sunny forecast we will be in peak squash season by the time the farm stand opens back up on Tuesday, June 7th.

I planted the squash in late March, long before our typical last frost date, and this year that little extra push paid off. Here I was ecstatic about this first picking on Friday night in the rain – a total surprise and folks snatched them up fast on Saturday!

Along with the squash comes the nuisance squash bug. Gardeners, whenever you see clusters of small football-shaped eggs like the ones in the photo above, make sure to squish them & throw them away. These insects will damage the plants by eating the leaves, thus decreasing yields. We never spray any pesticides for squash bugs, and you don’t need to either – an observant eye and a little bit of squishing action can easily keep the damage at a minimum.
These are not to be confused with the much more frustrating pest, the squash vine borer, which I will discuss in a later newsletter.


Overall, everything looks healthy and lush on the farm and so many flowers will soon be bursting into bloom. Keep watch over your own yards and gardens and be amazed at how things explode this week!

Thanks to our wonderful abundance of greens, we’ve expanded our collard customer base in Matthews – you can now find them on the menu at Americana Restaurant near Butler High School in addition to Moe’s BBQ.

Have a wonderful week and we hope to see you soon

~Pressly Williams & the farm crew