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2017, Week 40

It sure is hot and dry around here. This is a perfect time to tackle young weeds – we’ve never seen so many volunteer cherry ...
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2017, Week 39

Turnip season is here!  This picture is clearly from last year, as I’m wearing two jackets and the trees have no leaves 😉 But the turnips ...
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2017, Week 38

Radish season is here again! We have tons of beautiful red radishes coming out of the field this week!  Hello farm friends! Our farm stand ...
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2017, Week 36

Read below to learn about our new and improved Renfrow Hardware website!!  Hello farm friends! We at Renfrow’s enjoyed a Saturday vacation for Labor Day weekend ...
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2017, Week 35

The first batch of cowpeas is ready for us to harvest for Tuesday morning’s farm stand!  Hello farm friends! The hardware store will be CLOSED ...
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2017, Week 34

The farm received nearly six inches of rain in under a week but thankfully we’ve had some hot, dry days to dry out the ground ...
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