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Farm Happenings 2016 Week 4: Snowy Weekend

Snowy, icy days made for time spent selling sleds and ice melt at hardware store, planning out my flower growing calendar for all of 2016, and watching ...
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Farm Happenings, 2016 Week 3

My father, David, had a very successful back surgery on Monday. After suffering for over 2 months, he is now free from the pain of ...
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Farm Happenings, 2016 Week 2

Produce is finished for the season. This newsletter will be your way of knowing when we have veggies again in the spring. Produce boxes and ...
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Farm Happenings, 2016 Week 1

Matt and I installed two “low tunnels” over some of the flower rows this weekend. The protection that these tunnels will provide is similar to ...
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Farm Happenings, 2015 Week 52

We have plenty of collards available at the farm stand on Tuesday for New Year’s Day meals! My anemone flowers are blooming up a storm ...
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Farm Happenings, 2015 Week 51

My favorite recipe for horse collar pumpkin (or butternut squash) is provided below. It is a soup perfect for dreary weather. Now this is a Pressly original ...
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