Ranunculus Growing Guide


Cut Flower Growing Instructions

Location: Needs full sun in winter but partially shaded in spring when temperatures rise. Site needs good drainage and air circulation. May be grown in pots.

Planting: PLANT ONLY AFTER DAYTIME TEMPS DROP TO THE LOW 70s, these flowers do not like heat!! Plant corms (bulbs) six inches apart with “fingers” pointed down. Cover with 1 inch of soil. If you do not plant immediately upon pick-up store in cool, dry place until you plant (October-December). Prior to planting, soak corms in room temperature water for 3-4 hours; they should double in size. Keep sink dripping slightly into container where corms are soaking so that container will overflow and oxygen will remain in water.

Watering Needs: Water very deeply upon planting. Do not let dry out but do not drown them. Water only if we are not getting substantial winter rains.

Fertilization: Plant-tone organic fertilizer or fish emulsion several times throughout growing season, approx once per month.

Insect Control: Typically only bothered by aphids or thrips. We have several organic insecticide options that we sell at Renfrow’s that combat both of these insects.

Flowering & Harvest: Corms planted in October should bloom January – April. Cut flowers as soon as they start to show strong color!