Ranunculus Growing Guide


Cut Flower Growing Instructions

Location: Needs full sun in winter but ideally are partially shaded in spring when temperatures rise. Site needs good drainage and air circulation. May be grown in pots.

Planting: PLANT ONLY AFTER DAYTIME TEMPS DROP TO THE LOW 70s, these flowers do not like heat!! Plant corms (bulbs) six inches apart with “fingers” pointed down. Cover with 1 inch of soil. If you do not plant immediately upon pick-up store in cool, dry place until you plant (our long window for planting is October-December; staggered plantings will stagger bloom times in spring). Prior to planting, soak corms in lukewarm/room temperature water for 3-4 hours; they should approximately double in size. Keep sink dripping slightly into container where corms are soaking so that container will overflow and oxygen will remain in water. You can pre-sprout them if desired, which you can read about in step 4 of Floret Farm’s helpful ranunculus article here.

Cold weather: They will need protection under around 25F in wintertime with a light frost blanket. Double it up if we drop down into the teens. You can also mulch around the small plants with leaves before setting the frost blanket over them, just make sure the soil will still drain well if we are receiving lots of rain.

Watering Needs: Water very deeply upon planting. Do not let dry out but do not drown them. Water only if we are not getting substantial winter rains.

Fertilization: Plant-tone organic fertilizer or fish emulsion several times throughout growing season, approx once per month.

Insect Control: Typically only bothered by aphids or thrips. We have several organic insecticide options that we sell at Renfrow’s that combat both of these insects.

Flowering & Harvest: Corms planted in October should bloom March – April, sometimes earlier if we have a mild winter. Cut flowers as soon as they start to show strong color!