2015, Week 41

Field Transformation
The zinnias and okra are gone now, and already replaced by garlic and onions, fall-sown flower seeds, and more collards for Moe’s BBQ.
Gaspar, Ruth, and I had a busy week between rains pulling up a good 1/3 of this field on Wednesday and Thursday. Gaspar and I flipped it really quickly and spent all day Friday planting more collards and broccoli, a trial patch of celery, lots of garlic and onions, and a dozen or more varieties of fall-sown flower seeds – sweet William, Queen Anne’s lace, bachelor’s buttons, bupleurum, and more!

Bye bye okra, we will enjoy eating you again next year!

Greens season is in full swing out here on the farm. My favorite new addition this season is a baby mustard greens salad mix with 6 types of pleasantly spicy mustards in them. I mixed it with a bit of arugula the other night and topped it with chunks of the pears, apples, green onions, boiled eggs and a dash of salad dressing, which provided the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.
A friend of ours has a handful of heirloom apple and pear trees at her house in the mountains, and brought a fresh batch down to us yesterday to sell at the stand and at the hardware store this week. These apples and pears are not sprayed with anything and taste absolutely delicious!
Growing fruit in your own backyard is easy and so delicious.
Our final installment of the Family Food Garden Series for 2015 is all about growing these fruit plants, and two identical sessions will be held on Tuesday night, Oct 20th and Wednesday morning, Oct 21st.  Growing fruit plants is a long-term investment and you want to make sure to start off by planting it in the best spot, so come to us for expert advice!
An Apple a Day: Fruit Plants for a Healthy Family