2015 Week 43

Gaspar, our expert collards-harvester.
Moe’s Original BBQ, our favorite downtown Matthews lunch spot, is keeping us very busy right now, as we are delivering large quantities of greens three times each week.


We still have an enormous variety of beautiful and delicious pie pumpkins, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and other winter squashes at both Renfrow Hardware and our farm stand right now – perfect for decorating your home this fall and then cooking at Thanksgiving!
Chef Adam Reed of Sante Restaurant made this creation out of one of our large pumpkins at a friendly competition between other local chefs at an event this weekend, hosted by the Piedmont Culinary Guild. PCG is a community of chefs, farmers, local food artisans, and others involved in Charlotte’s local foods scene, which Renfrow Farms is currently in the process of joining!
I planted a few hundred of these  peculiar-looking ‘corms’ today, which are *hopefully* going to produce the most beautiful ranunculus blooms in the spring! It’s my first attempt at growing this flower, and I am extremely excited about this luscious early spring bloom!
Well that’s a big turnip….these Tokyo Cross turnips are so tender and good, even at this size! We usually sell them in the golfball-tennisball size range, not miniature bowling ball! But if you want any of these Japanese-type turnips, mega-size or smaller, we will have plenty! And the greens are really delicious too – here’s a recipefor one of the best ways I know to prepare them.
Have a great week, and we hope to see you at the farm stand, despite tomorrow’s icky weather forecast!