2016, Week 6: Cold Preparations and Gardening Products

As usual, we are due for a cold snap in the wintertime, and while the daytime temperatures for the current 10-day forecast are not alarming, we will have a few nights dip down into the teens. In preparation, Ruth and I laid out these large row covers directly on top of our broccoli and collard seedlings (which have already grown so much since being planted last week).

Our various flower and veggie seedlings for the farm are growing well. This is only a fraction of what we have seeded, and I am going to be starting several more trays in the next few days! They will be moving inside the hardware store each night this week, hence the cart. I spread them out during the day to maximize their sunlight absorption and thus their growth.
Speaking of seedlings, if you want to learn how to grow your own plants from seed, be sure to attend our first Family Food Garden Classes of the year next week! Taught by horticulturalist Jeff Rieves at the hardware store on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Come join us for a session and leave with lots of knowledge! $20 per person, or $30 if two members of the same family attend. Children under the age of 16 may attend for free with their families.
February 16&17 – From the Windowsill to the Garden: Starting Plants from Seed
Growing your own plants from seed is easy and can save you money. We’ll talk about seed selection, setting up your growing area, looking after your young plants and lots more. Respond to this email to register and reserve your spot! Details here.


Seasonal Gardening Products and Tips

Seed Potatoes arrived late last week. We have several hundred pounds of our three classics – Yukon Gold, Kennebec White, and Pontiac Red. We also have much smaller quantities of several uniquely colored and shaped taters. Adirondack Blue has deep purple flesh and Adirondack Red is pink-fleshed; both are large potatoes. French Fingerling, Russian Banana, Magic Molly, and Rose Finn Apple are all stumpy, delicious, fingerling-type potatoes.
Candy Onion plants (for onion bulbs), onion sets (for scallions), spring garlic, elephant garlic, and shallots are also all in stock at Renfrow Hardware and the sooner that you can plant these, the better results you will have. Members of the onion family need to have a long time in the ground in order to produce large bulbs and cloves. These bulbs and plants are tough and will tolerate any weather that February and March throw their way.
We also received several new varieties of fruit trees, vines, and shrubs last week. See our updated availability here. February is an ideal time to plant these perennials because they will have a few months to establish their roots before the heat of summer arrives, and thus you won’t have to water them as often!